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Newsflash: There are ongoing problems following a burst water main in Telford yesterday.

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Terms and conditions

  • The BeActive membership card remains the property of Shropshire Council and must be returned upon request
  • The card is valid for one year from the date of purchase
  • The card is not transferable and is for the holder’s use only
  • Failure to adhere to our standard terms and conditions will result in termination of membership and withdrawal of the card without refund
  • Failure to renew your BeActive card will result in all conditions of membership being withdrawn
  • We reserve the right to refuse membership
  • We reserve the right to suspend or cancel a membership due to misconduct or causing danger to other users
  • BeActive card holders are subject to all leisure centre rules and regulations
  • A photograph will be taken of you and retained by us to prevent fraudulent use of the card. If fraud is discovered after you have been granted membership, membership will be revoked
  • All changes to personal details need to be disclosed in order to keep your membership up to date. A re-application form is required for BeActive members whose personal details or circumstances change, or at the end of their membership term
  • If incorrect information with the intent of defrauding us is discovered after you have been granted membership, membership will be revoked
  • Completion and signature of an application form constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions
  • We reserve the unrestricted right of entry to leisure and outdoor facilities at all times
  • Card holders: junior: 0-17yrs, adult: 18-59yrs, senior citizen: 60+
  • The card fee is not refundable
  • Lost, stolen and damaged cards can be replaced by paying a fee of £1 at one of the issuing facilities
  • The replacement card is valid for the same period as the card it replaces
  • Your card must be presented to the receptionist on each visit to receive full benefits. We reserve the right to amend these benefits at any time. When making a telephone booking your full name must be given
  • You must complete an induction/fitness assessment for gym access
  • We reserve the right to alter fees and booking conditions within any leisure facility
  • We reserve the right to alter the times of opening
  • In the event of the cancellation of a casual booking, 48 hours notice is required, 30 days written notice for clubs. For course cancellations at short notice a medical note may be required and a 35% administration fee may be charged
  • If you fail to turn up for two bookings or more OR have a debt of £10, you will remain liable for your debt, and your conditions of membership will be withdrawn until the debt is settled in full
  • The administration of the BeActive membership scheme is computerised, and therefore complies with the Data Protection Act 1998 and any legal requirements
  • Please see the separate form for team, club and group membership and associated terms & conditions - this can be obtained from the centre manager
  • We reserve the right to alter these terms and conditions and to terminate the BeActive scheme at any time

Concessionary rates

  • Concessionary rates are available to all qualifying people regardless of whether they are residents or non-residents of Shropshire
  • The concessionary rate is valid for one year providing your eligibility remains the same
  • Concessionary rate members must re-apply each year to confirm their concessionary rate status
  • All applicants must satisfy an eligibility category
  • BeActive cards are the property of the council. Misuse of the card and or breach of our bylaws or regulations may lead to withdrawal of the card and the benefits this attracts
  • We reserve the right to amend these benefits at any time
  • Concessionary admission charges are subject to regular review
  • Concessionary admission rates will only apply on production of your BeActive card
  • We reserve the right to refuse issue of a BeActive card and also admission
  • Children under 18 years must have authorisation from a parent/guardian to apply for a BeActive card
  • Replacement cards will incur a re-issue cost of £1