Shropshire Council

Appeal a council tax support of housing benefit decision

This information is relevant to council tax support or housing benefit only. 

Any 'person affected' by a decision can ask us to look at that decision again if they don't agree or think it's wrong. You can also appeal to an independent tribunal against our decision.

A decision can include, for example:

  • The amount of benefit payable
  • The rent eligible for benefit
  • The calculation of a claimant's income
  • The calculation of the recovery of an overpayment

Some decisions don't carry a right of appeal. We'll tell you if you don't have the right of appeal against the matter you're disputing.

An appeal means that a tribunal, independent of us, will look at the decision we've made on your claim.

What should you do if you're not happy with a decision we've made on your housing benefit?

If you want us to look at our decision again, you must write to us asking us to do this within one month of the date of the decision letter. We'll check that our information is correct and if it's wrong we'll change it.

If there are special circumstances that mean you can't contact us within a month, we may still be able to change the decision. Tell us what the special circumstances are when you contact us.

If our decision can't be changed, we'll send you a letter telling you that we can't change it, confirming why. The letter will also tell you if you can appeal.

What should you do if you're not happy with a decision we've made on your council tax support?

If you want us to look at your decision again, you need to write to us saying that you disagree with the decision. There's no time limit to do this and you can request it at anytime.

If we don't alter your original decision, you have the right to appeal to the Valuation Tribunal.

You must complete the online appeal application or download a pdf version of the appeal application form within two months of the date of the decision notice sent by ourselves upholding the original decision.