Shropshire Council

Repairs and housing conditions

Landlords have a legal obligation to maintain their properties to a decent standard and ensure that they're free from health and safety hazards. In general we find that most landlords are responsible and will carry out repairs when they're necessary, and when they're made aware of them.

Tenants must tell their landlord as soon as possible about any issues, and give them a reasonable time to carry out repairs. If repairs are urgent, such as heating breaking down in the winter, we suggest that tenants phone their landlord so the repairs can be done as quickly as possible. It's advisable to then follow this up in writing.

If you're living in a property where the conditions are generally poor and you feel that your health or safety may be at risk you should notify your landlord in writing. We have three template letters you can use to do this. Firstly to inform them of the repairs, secondly to remind them about the repairs if they don’t act and lastly to warn them you'll contact us if they don’t act immediately.

You don’t have to use these letters, you can write your own, but we advise that you always contact your landlord first and give them an opportunity to carry out the repairs before involving us.

It's also possible for you to have the repairs done yourself if you've contacted your landlord and they've refused to do them. There's a very specific process you need to follow in order to do this. You should not withhold your rent. The Shelter website explains the process for doing repairs yourself and provides useful template letters.

If you're in any doubt about doing repairs yourself you should first contact your landlord and then contact us if the repairs aren't done. You can find more information about repairs in private rented homes on the Shelter and websites.