Shropshire Council

Land charges fees

VAT and the Con29R

Please note: HMRC have announced that with effect from 1 April 2017 VAT at the standard rate of 20% will apply to CON29R and CON29O products.

The statutory LLC1 official certificate of search is unaffected by this change.

A revised fee table will published towards the end of March 2017.

Official Search (consisting of LLC1 and Con29R)

£80 (Residential)

£100 (Commercial)

Fees for individual searches



LLC1 -search of the Local Land Charges Register (including issue of official certificate of search)

£50 (residential)

£54 (commercial)

CON29R - standard conveyancing form

£45 (residential)

£49 (commercial)

Individual Con29R questions 1 to 3.13

£2.85 each (Residential)

£3.10 (Commercial)

A £5 admin charge is payable when individual questions are asked from the con29r this amount is payable regardless of how many questions are asked.

Con 29O - optional enquiries


Fee per additional enquiry


Each additional parcel of land


Personal search fee


Please note the individual fee for a LLC1 and the individual fee for a Con29R don't add up to the fee for the full official search, so if you require both please refer to the price for the official search.

To pay for your search online, just choose 'Land Charges' from the list on this page.