Shropshire Council

General parking FAQs

How do I report a problem with a car park?

Although regular inspections are carried out to ensure the car parks remain in a safe condition, please let us know if you see any problems.

If you spot a pothole in a car park, litter or an out of order pay and display machine please let us know on 0345 678 9006.

Where can I park my coach or HGV?

A number of Shropshire car parks accept coaches and HGV's. We do not allow overnight parking, except for HGVs in specific circumstances.

Please refer to the individual car park page for charges and any height restrictions which may apply.

Where can I park my motorhome?

Although we do not have any dedicated parking bays for motorhomes in our off street car parks we do allow motorhomes to use them, although some car parks are more suitable than other. For example some are not suitable as they have restricted headroom or are too small to accommodate larger vehicles. 

Please check the car park information for parking suitability by selecting preferred car park to check if there is any restricted headroom. If there is a restriction it will be clearly indicated on this page. 

In addition you may wish to consider use of Shrewsbury, Harlescott Park and Ride and in Ludlow, the Ludlow Park and Ride. 

Please note if all wheels of your motorhome cannot fit into a single marked car parking bay you must purchase a pay and display ticket for each bay occupied for the full period of your stay. 

If you have any further queries please ring and ask for the parking section on 0354 678 9000 to get the appropriate advice.

Are there any exemptions to parking restrictions?

Who is exempt from on-street parking restrictions?

In certain cases vehicles are allowed to park in areas where parking restrictions apply, such as double yellow lines. This page contains information on which vehicles are automatically exempt and the circumstances in which other vehicles are exempt.

Automatic exemptions

  • 'D' plates (driver having full diplomatic immunity)
  • 'X' plates (driver having limited immunity)
  • Vehicles properly displaying a blue badge and clock
  • Police, fire brigade and ambulances while attending emergency situations
  • Security cash vans on delivery or collection of cash

Other vehicles exempt under specific circumstances

Local authority vehicles while being used to carry out their duties (such as refuse collection, street cleaning, highway maintenance).

Royal Mail and other vehicles engaged in the delivery of postal packets. This does not include private vehicles used by employees whilst carrying out deliveries.

Utility companies, Environment Agency, British Telecom and other telecommunications while actively laying or undertaking repairs to pipes, cables or other apparatus on the highway.

Furniture vans while moving furniture to and from a dwelling, office or depository. Wherever possible these vehicles shouldn't be parked in contravention of a loading restriction. You're advised to contact the local Highways team for advice when conducting a removal in our market towns where streets are narrow and constrictive.

Buses while waiting at an authorised stopping place, terminus or turning point.

Vehicles involved in building including essential building, industrial or demolition operations work where the vehicle is necessary and actively engaged on those duties.

All exempt vehicles should indicate their owners and not be private cars or unmarked vans.

Even in the case of authorised exemption, it should be noted that any obstruction or other similar indiscriminate parking may be reported to the police for action.

Health workers

Doctors, nurses and midwives engaged in emergency duties are expected to park legally in accordance with restrictions. Should a penalty charge notice be issued it will be cancelled only upon evidence of the emergency being provided. Regular or programmed visits won't be considered an emergency.

Can I leave my vehicle overnight in a car park?

We do not allow overnight parking at our car parks, except for HGVs in specific circumstances