Shropshire Council

Hazardous Waste

Some types of waste can be potentially harmful for example they may be flammable, corrosive or toxic. This includes:

  • Some chemicals (e.g. poisons, paints, solvents)
  • Some electrical items (e.g. fridges and low energy lighting)
  • Some car products (e.g. engine oil and car batteries)
  • Asbestos (e.g. corrugated garage roofs)

What to do with hazardous household waste

Always handle hazardous waste with care. Please do not put any hazardous waste in your general rubbish - take it to your nearest household recycling centre (HRC) instead.

Specific advice about asbestos

If you want to take small quantities of asbestos to a HRC you must call us in advance on 0345 678 9007 so we can make sure the site can accept your asbestos.You should also:

  • wear a dust mask and overalls
  • keep sheets intact - never break them up
  • wrap the asbestos in strong plastic and seal with tape
  • place the asbestos in the clearly marked red skips

What types of asbestos are accepted?

We will only accept small quantities of cement-bonded asbestos eg from corrugated garage roofs. If you have large quantities of asbestos, or asbestos from a commercial building such as a farm, you must hire a professional contractor to deal with it.