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If you are interested in becoming a co-opted or authority governor, please complete our online application form below. If you are a member of staff or parent, please contact your school directly.

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It is useful to give some detail for the reasons why you are applying for governorship as this helps in the appointment process.  Any information you can give about your interests, skills and expertise, will be extremely useful.  This should not be restricted to paid employment, and should include voluntary work, hobbies and any clubs and societies to which you belong or have belonged.

If you have a specific school in mind, please feel free to give the name of the school. It is usually easier to 'place' a governor if candidates are prepared to consider a type of school (e.g. primary, special, secondary) or an area (e.g. within 8 mile radius of Shrewsbury) rather than one specific school.  However, not all schools have vacancies at the same time, and it is not always possible to place a person if only one choice of school is given.