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Our services

Upskill Shropshire’s aim is to enable your organisation to access high quality apprenticeships, and to provide your staff with the opportunities to demonstrate competencies relevant to their role, right up to masters degree level. 

  • We can provide you with unlimited access to our procured framework of 15 Register of Approved Training Providers (RoATP) approved apprenticeship training providers, across 24 sector areas of apprenticeships. There's a maximum of five providers in each category to choose from. Our providers have been vetted and selected based on quality, value for money, and their commitment to delivering high quality training
  • We can provide a matching service that will link applicants to suitable training providers
  • We can provide you with an applicant and apprenticeship management service, which would ensure that you receive maximum value for money as part of Upskill Shropshire
  • We'll provide relevant information, advice and guidance detailing the apprenticeships and training courses available to meet your training needs
  • We'll liaise with you and the applicant to complete the initial application process, to undertake basic eligibility checking, and to discuss preferred training options
  • We'll undertake a mini-competition process with providers on our framework in the relevant category, and select the most appropriate provider based on a robust criteria of quality and value for money
  • We'll proactively manage the final application and confirmation process
  • We'll ensure that the applicant and training provider engage directly, and that the funding agreement is signed prior to beginning the apprenticeship

The employer would need to contract directly with the provider, and to arrange for the delivery of funds to be paid as appropriate. The ongoing management of the relationship between the apprentice and provider would be managed by the employer. If there are issues with the provider relating to delivery, Upskill Shropshire would engage directly with the provider to seek resolution.