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Newsflash: Temporary disruption to payments system

The payments system is undergoing essential maintenance and there may be some disruption to availability between 17 and 27 August. The system will only be unavailable for a maximum of one hour in any one day. Apologies for any inconvenience this may … | Read more

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About us

Reporting to the head of paid service through the corporate head of Legal and Democratic Services, the role of Legal and Democratic Services is to assist in the administration of the democratic process and the decision-making machinery of the council, ensuring the law is correctly applied.

Legal Services

Provides corporate advice to the council, advice to members and officers, ensures probity and legality of the council’s decisions and actions, represents the council as necessary in civil and criminal proceedings, and gives advice and assistance to other public organisations.

Committee Services

Administers the democratic processes of the council and other bodies.

Electoral Services

Manages the electoral registration and election process, ensures that local people are fully able to exercise their right to vote and influence decisions that affect their lives. Find out more from the Electoral Services webpages.

Support Services

Provides secretarial services to staff and teams within Legal and Democratic Services and to some other units.

Member Services

Provides secretarial support to all members of the council.

Commons Registration

Maintenance of the Commons registers and completion of searches.

Lord Lieutenancy

Supporting the Clerk to the Lieutenancy for all official royal visits and engagements.