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Mental health

How do I ask for help?

You can contact your local community mental health team direct using the numbers below. You may want to talk this over with your GP first, who can arrange a referral if needed.

Community mental health teams

  • Central Shropshire Community Mental Health Team
    Tel: 0300 1240358
  • Shrewsbury Social Inclusion and Recovery Service
    Tel: 01743 243300 / 254050
  • South Shropshire and Ludlow Social Inclusion and Recovery Service
    Tel: 01584 878167
  • South East Shropshire and Bridgnorth Social Inclusion and Recovery Service
    Tel: 01746 768787
  • North West Shropshire and Oswestry Social Inclusion and Recovery Service
    Tel: 01691 679500
  • North East Shropshire, Market Drayton and Whitchurch Social Inclusion & Recovery Service
    Tel: 01630 655066

Opening times

Monday to Thursday 9am - 5pm and Friday 9am - 4pm.

What happens next?

You'll be given an assessment of your care needs. This will usually be done by a nurse, social worker or occupational therapist.

Whether or not you're offered services will depend on your assessment of needs, and the services you're asking for.

Our guide to mental health services gives more information.