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The payments system is undergoing essential maintenance and there may be some disruption to availability between 17 and 27 August. The system will only be unavailable for a maximum of one hour in any one day. Apologies for any inconvenience this may … | Read more

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Insight and engagement

In order to best understand the people who use local services, we draw on a range of insight data and undertake regular engagement. Insight is gained from bringing multiple sources of information together. It focuses on interpreting trends in human behaviour in order to make changes or improvements to a service or product that will both benefit the customer and service provider.

Our insight work includes:

  • Community profiling data and tools such as Mosaic
  • Analysis of feedback data to find patterns and trends
  • Social media analytics
  • Information on customer habits and choices

Understanding the people who use local services means we can send more targeted information or make changes within services to better reflect the needs, habits and choices people make. We recognise that, as technology advances, there is more we could do to improve our understanding and hope to develop our use of customer insight over time. We know that the engagement work we do can contribute to customer insight. We also often share insight data with the people we engage with. This allows us to check our understanding and jointly review and co-design services.

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